Art Direction

The Just Trust


In the summer of 2022, we partnered with five industry leading field advisors dedicated to developing community safety models as alternatives to the current criminal justice reform system. Lofty, I know. Their insights helped shape The Just Trust investment strategy.


With rising perceptions of violence leading to a return to tough-on-crime policies, there's a need to scale effective, humane alternatives to the criminal justice system. Our goal was to redefine public safety, ensuring communities have access to dignified ways of addressing harm and healing.


Collaborating with top experts on alternatives, we crafted strategies to sustain beacons of innovation, invest in emerging organizations, build a supportive community, and tell proactive stories to gain buy-in and funding. Our vision is a world where community-driven public safety solutions are the norm, not the alternative.


A small but mighty team with Aditi J. at the helm and Emily S. as the tip of the spear leading the strategy development. My role was to operate as the visual design lead.

/Skills utilized

Editorial design
Visual design
Content development