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Colorado Thrives Campaign


In Colorado, child care can cost more than a mortgage, forcing parents to choose between their careers and adequate child care. Providers are underpaid, and quality child care feels like a luxury for the ultra-rich. In May 2024, and the Growing Our Future (GOF) coalition collaborated to create a joyful storytelling and public education campaign for Colorado's child care crisis.


How might we inspire moderate Coloradans to value and support public investment in child care? The coalition aimed to expand their support base and needed expert design to prototype key messages that would galvanize the movable middle.


We crafted a suite of tools for GOF to raise awareness, build community, organize, and demand a fully funded child care system. The campaign’s visual language uses playful, child-like illustrations paired with bold, protest-inspired typography to highlight critical issues and inspire action.


An amazing team comprised of Hitesh S. on project leadership, Belinda J. on behavioral design research, Emily S. on content strategy, Kokia C. on on project management, Mary K. and Aya J. as service and visual design guides, and myself on communications design.

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